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What is Snoezelen?

Snoezelen Relaxation

To satisfy the perceptual needs of people with cognitive, sensory and physical disabilities, a Snoezelen Relaxation room enables them to settle down and relax.

It promotes relaxation through the use of smell, touch, sound, colour and light.  It involves a range of sensory stimuli and experiences to absorb, explore and control in an accessible environment.  Trust and relaxation are encouraged in the Snoezelen Relaxation room by providing space, time and access to enjoy sensations.

Positive effects of Snoezelen Relaxation extend to other settings and stimulation and interaction leads to improved communication.

Snoezelen Activation

Snoezelen Activation provides a room in which sensory activities are provided in both white and black lights, enabling participants to create their own sensory environments.

In order to overcome sensory challenges a person needs to activate their environment.  From playing with a tactile wall panel game to exploring how the body moves under the magic of black light, the children and adults in the room will benefit by having their senses sharpened and cognitive and learning abilities enhanced. 

Wet Snoezelen Spa

A spa is a place of relaxation in which we can allow ourselves to let go, enter dreamland and immerse ourselves in the warm fragrant water.

For people with disabilities such as dual diagnosis, autism spectrum disorder and other developmental and intellectual disabilities, immersing in the warm water of the spa enables them to relate to both their bodies and their environment.  The powerful jets of the whirlpool add a different tactile, deep pressure sensory dimension through their massaging function. It provides an experience complementary to the other sensory experiences of light, temperature, buoyancy, and sound.

The therapeutic healing effects of the Wet Snoezelen Spa, enables the people we serve to cope with outside sensory stimulation in a better, more relaxed fashion. 



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